... the flock, eh ... I mean team

We're an indie game development team, whose goal it is to let the fascination for classical role playing video games shine in new splendor.


Join a fantastic gaming experience and get to know the world of Wings of Justice, our first project, which is currently being developed with the Godot engine.

Mighty Mufflon

The brain or at least the head

I am less of an alpha or leader, who determines the way on his own, but rather a visionary that wants to travel the journey of game development with good friends together. I organize the work flow, but sometimes I drive my team crazy, 'cause I love it to get lost in details. I also put my hooves on amusing game play features and give the world of Wings of Justice a face.

Mellow Mufflon

A pure spirit of arts

Always struggling between being sleepy and asleep, never really awake. Mufflon of the first hour. I'm lending a hand to the plot whenever it is needed. Dreamy airhead with lots of ideas that mostly are somewhat useful. Whenever I'm not criticizing and fixing plotholes I am busy with designing the characters appearing in game. Also I'm responsible for the character graphics and some of the artworks you'll see in Wings of Justice.

Melodic Mufflon

Creator of epic moments

As the musician of Mighty Mufflon Games I am responsible of compositions, themes and really everything musical in the team. While jingling on the synthesizer I often like some sound or chord sequence and that gets me rolling to a specific setting or melody. While I add this idea, I can automatically hear how I can develop it further. Once a good idea is found, it takes on life on its own and evolves to a melodic clockwork that sets the tune.

Meticulous Mufflon

A force of steadiness and perfection

I am a natural critic on everything I do and always strive to get better. I'm especially perfectionistic when it comes to my drawings and I'd rather search for flaws than settle on the good sides – until someone says that it's already goodlooking. But I'm not only into drawing, I also enjoy sewing plushies and playing video games. My strong points in drawing are monsters, animals and alike. I find humans or backgrounds rather tricky, still I'm always trying to improve.

Mysterious Mufflon

Talent hiding behind the mask

If I had to describe myself, the first thing that would come to mind that I'm often out of it and lost in thoughts. I say from myself that I lack creativity, but that is not the case when I'm busy implementing all the features Mighty Mufflon Games needs for the process of the game. I'm mainly responsible for programming and realizing the gameplay ideas of Mighty Mufflon. I work together with him to make backend and frontend click - being the patient and understanding person I am helps realizing that.

Patrick Biasi-Lindackers

Overrathstraße 24

45144 Essen

NRW, Deutschland