Creator: Manic Mufflon alias Bad Stitches

Genre: Psychological Horror

Play time: 5h +

Solitude is a poison which devours you from inside.

After a bad and traumatically event, Timothy Lloyd was forced to move back to his family. He was happy welcomed from his parents and his little brother, but this joyful moment was short. Something seems to be changed since his relocation: Tim is hiding in his old room more and more and abalienate himself from the others. The gloomy feeling of loneliness seems to shrouded the whole family and drained their vitality.

When Tim aware that somethings going wrong, he tried to escape from the cage of solitude and figured out the mysteries which ones are responsible for the strange happenings in his home. However, the deeper the path he goes the worst and crueler becomes the horror which is falling into him and his souroundings...

That expecting you:

- Based on true events

- Contains a dense and thrilling horror atmosphere

- Offers a compelling story and also eclectic characters

- Freedom of choice which influence the game and the story

- Sophisticated puzzles which are entangled with story and environment

- Optional ways that invites you to explore and discover