Wings of Justice is all about exploration and so we add a rich variety of possibilities to explore the world.

Movement System Preview (WIP)

Eagle System

You will be able to play Elora's eagle Keno! This is not just a gimmick, but rather necessary to fulfill quests and to overcome some challenges. He can explore the map for you and is able to interact with objects. On top of this he and Elora can interact with each other. Keno can carry Elora for short distances to cross clefts or reach higher places.

Side View Battle System (WIP)

Epic and full animated battles against varied and also tough enemies await you! The battle system will be classical turnbased, where you have to proceed tactically to win the fight. It will not include a generic level system nor any grinding or equipping stuff, instead it will focus on your understanding of the synergy between Elora and Keno. Elora has a more supporting role, while Keno takes the aggressive part. To defeat your enemies you need to figure out their weak points and exploit them (no "enter bashing", yeah!). Use different abilities while managing your "focus" (working title): Attack, defend, use your abilities wisely and you will be able to handle the exciting challenges that await you!

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