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Cooperations & Partners

Astreigha is a disabled gamer who loves to stream Indie Games. She likes to focus on highlighting new games or older hidden gems. She frequently streams Early Access, Betas/Alphas and Demos of upcoming Indie Games. She is also heavily involved with charity streaming and tries to focus on making a positive impact through games.

Eric the Funny Baron is an indie artist in the matter of music, art and game development. With his big project "Exodus from Eden" he aims to revive the charm of classic rpg’s. Immerse yourself in a lively game world full of adventure and fantastic locations.

My name is Ginimo and I am a freelance composer and the founder of the music production studio Ginimo Musics. I also work as partner and music director of Mighty Mufflon Games. Im fascinated to make the complete soundtrack and several themes for different types of indie online games. Have a look on my homepage!

Freelancing since 2004, working mainly as an Illustrator, Designer and Cartoonist for individuals, companies, cultural organizations and events, in these last few years I’ve managed to unite the passion for design and illustration with my love for video games by having the opportunity to collaborate and work with amazing indie game developers, being the award winning indie game “Missing Translation” (2015) by AlPixel Games the beginning of this new phase.

Indie Game Lover™ is here to provide admiration and inspiration through the love of indie games. ❤

Indie World Order™ is a community for independent game developers, artists, content creators, & anyone who supports indies. We come together to provide each other with support, knowledge, encouragement, and fun.